I love my truck!

Well, it didn't start OUT as my truck, but it is kind of a funny story...

DH had a vasectomy one Friday several years ago. One of the best tips ever was the bag of frozen peas trick. Yea, don't make me explain it more than that. :-D Anyway, the DAY AFTER the vas, DH needs to do something to make him feel... manly, I guess. LOL Off to the dealership we go, bag of frozen peas in hand, literally. LOL We look around and he decides on a truck. A BIG truck. The extended version even. As y'all know, from the test drive to the negotiations to the inking of the deal takes hours. After a couple of hours, DH's pain meds are wearing off and the peas are getting a little... limp. :-D So, he tells the salesperson, "thats it, I'm done. I had a vas yesterday and I'm in a little pain and I'm leaving now." We start to walk away, but now Glen has the attention of several of the salespeople and they're asking him questions... and he's getting sympathy and "I" am getting the look. You know, the one like I'M the bad guy for making him go through it. Long story short, DH gets the deal he wanted and we leave in his new truck.

Fast forward two weeks... I decide "I" like the truck and keep asking him to "borrow" it. It's been mine ever since. :-D


  1. Don't we get to see a picture of the truck??

  2. ROFLMAO!!! That's the best story & you need to scrap it!!!!

  3. LOVE it!!! Dh has a Jeep and I have TRIED talking him into teaching me how to drive it but he keeps coming up with excuses.

    Thank you SO much for your awesome comment on my blog! I have LOVED getting to know all of you and have totally found a board that I will hang out at for a long time to come! Thank you!!


  4. LOL!!! you're too funny! i'd probably do the same thing! hehehe! i love driving around in DH's Isuzu Trooper (bighorn)

    where's a photo of your new toy?