Where, oh where!

Did my diamond necklace go? The last time I remember seeing it was 15 years ago, when we lived in Pennsylvannia. I searched high and lo with no luck. My Gram bought me a diamond ring for my Sweet 16 and I never took it off. Until Glen had my birthstone remounted in my 1st wedding band and had my wedding diamond mounted in a new setting. It was then that I knew I couldn't bear being without my diamond from Gram, so I had the setting cut off the ring and put on a gold chain. Not too long after that, the necklace was GONE! I was just sick about it and looked absolutely everywhere and 15 years later, I STILL long for that special piece of jewelry. :-( If anyone in Pennsylvannia found a pear shaped diamond necklace, could you please return it to me?


  1. Suzanne! How awful :( Wouldn't it be wonderful if it did show up one day. I'm very sad for you. [hugs]

  2. Oh Suzanne, how sad you must have been. You just never know it still could turn up.