Practical jokes

I consider myself to be a realist, bordering on skeptical even. People who know me tend to love me or hate me because I generally say what's on my mind, and even if I don't SAY it, I apparently have a really bad poker face. I'm usually on the giving end of pranks. So why is it that people think I am gullible? Umm, probably because I can be. LOL

Back in 1987, DH and I flew to New Mexico so I could meet my future inlaws for the first time. We were both a little on edge because DH had told them I was Jewish and his mother wanted to know if I was "dark." Huh? How rude! My mind was made up about her; we weren't going to like each other. So, we arrived and are informed that DH would be over in THAT room and I would be in THIS room. Okay, whatev... we're engaged and currently living together, but it's their house. Are we having fun yet? So, the evening progresses and the men excuse themselves to go to bed, leaving me to chat in the kitchen with his mother and sister. Oh my gosh, we stayed up to the wee hours, talking and drinking wine and laughing. Everything is going to be okay. Finally, after hours of visiting, we finally hit the hay. As I climb into bed, there is DH, sleeping soundly, in MY bedroom! LOL He woke up enough to want to know details... did we like each other, what did I think, blah, blah, blah, when all of a sudden, we hear tapping on DHs bedroom door, down the hall. Oh no! We've been BUSTED! Again, tap, tap, tap on the door. DH gets out of bed and tiptoes down the hall and taps his sister on her shoulder. Needless to say, in the dead of night, he scared the bejeebers out of her! Well, she agreed to keep her mouth shut and the alternative sleeping arrangements, but hatched up a plan to get even the next day.

The day dawned bright and beautiful and after my shower, I made my way into the kitchen for coffee and good mornings. There was a beautiful spread on the buffet, including jackalope eggs, which resembled square hard boiled eggs. Whats that? You've never heard of jackalopes?? Well, let me tell ya! These animals live on the mesa and lay square eggs! It's amazing but TRUE!!!

Well, I fell for it, hook, line and sinker and they all had a big old gut buster of a laugh over it. Hmphf. They owned a kitchen shop and actually sold a cool little gadget that made eggs square. But that was the beginning of many years of pranks that go both ways.

Like the time DHs dad told him to buy some car parts from JC Whitney and told him to wrap the gift himself. Somehow, his sister got wind of the plan, UNwrapped the gift, took the parts out and replaced them with tampons. Imagine the shock on DHs and his dads face when he opened that box!

Like the time all 5 brothers and sisters lined up on the sofa and stuck their shoes on their knees when meeting a future SIL.

And so it still goes... Today, DD is coming home from college to pick up the truck that her grandfather has gifted to her. He says to me, "wouldn't it be fun to go to the dump and pick up a green junky truck and tell her that we let her brother drive it for the last month?" Hee hee! Even at 84, he's got a quick wit. Laughter is the best medicine! :-D


  1. You fit right in to the family, don't you? What a great story!

  2. I love this family, they would fit right in with my kids.