Turn around

"Where are you going my little one, little one
Where are you going my baby my own
Turn around and you’re two,
turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl going out of my door."
I'm feeling a little meloncholy today. I just got an email from Megan that said she's going to stay at school and take summer classes. She didn't even ask. She's just doing it.
This photo was taken last weekend after our whirlwind shopping trip, finding a dress for her formal next weekend. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was taking her to Gymboree?
I'm so proud to have raised a beautiful, smart, independent young lady, but it just went by TOO FAST. :-(


  1. she is beautiful (so are you - you look like sisters) - love her dress!!!

  2. Beautiful!! You guys look sooo much alike here!!

  3. :snivel: They grow up to fast!!