Last "photo before the photos" pic

It was a wicked week of photo sessions, with so many costume changes, hairdos, makeovers, gathering of shoes and batons and the various hairbows. Iyiyi! I always forget to budget for the $20. each photo package and this year was no exception. I try to keep Glen out of the loop on this bit of info. LOL The recital is in 5 weeks and we are READY! :-)


  1. She is so cute! Hope the photo session went well!

    I love that photo of your DD in the beautiful purple dress too!

    And of course I am sooo sooo jealous of the pool photos!

  2. Your daughters are beautiful! I hope to you enjoyed the photo sessions... they will make for fabulous layouts. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. very nice blog Suzanne, love all the photos