Pondering embellies

I was asked recently if there is any embellishment I WOULDN'T use in my albums. I had to think about this for a whole day. I used to be a CM purist. You know, everything that goes along with that. THEN, a friend of mine corrupted me with a little piece of green ribbon. Gosh, that ribbon was heavenly! Well, after a few months, my album didn't flame with the ribbon in it, so I decided I could use more ribbon safely. THEN, someone gave me a piece of Basic Grey. Well, the wheels pretty much shot off from there. I'll spare you the "then I got this, and then I got that" but suffice it to say that my photos are much safer in my albums than they have ever been before. I've used everything from cork to plastic cake decorations to drywall tape. So the short answer is no. There is nothing I wouldn't use if I liked it in my albums. The one thing that hasn't changed is that I believe in the story that my albums tell. The embellies speak volumes about me, I think. :-)

ETA: Laura reminds me that I've even used seashells from Hawaii. (Courtesy of Becky!) Tis true! I'm sure that's the most EXOTIC thing I've used. But like I said, I haven't come across anything I wouldn't use, yet!

I remember a conversation on a scrapbooking board about the use of bottlecaps and guitar picks in scrapbooks. At the time, I rolled my eyes. How stupid is THAT? WHY would you want to put those in your scrapbook? NOW I understand. It's all about creative expression. Sometimes, it does fit. For example, I'm planning on pages for Caitlyn and Ethan, who both play the guitar. A guitar pick is the PERFECT embellie, doncha think? ;-) Clarity comes with experience.


  1. I have to laugh at this Suzanne...you've even used sea shells from Hawaii!!! You're so brave!

  2. I think the guitar pick is a great idea! I've seen really cute ones out there!!! Can't wait to see.

  3. Well put my friend! I enjoyed reading your entry! :)

  4. You are so correct! Embellishments speak worlds about the person that put them there. I'm very conservative--you will find a little ribbon and some flowers on my pages.

    Glad to provide you with your most exotic embellishment to date! ;)