Scrappy friends are wonderful!

After a whole weekend of uninspired scrapping, I thought I'd take today off, even though I have 12 more years of photos to go before I'm caught up. I've decided that maybe my best bet is to scrap them slowly, really ENJOY the process, rather than rushing through them. After all, they've been unscrapped this long, what's a few more years? LOL One of the benefits of having scrappy friends is that they can show you cool new techniques and tricks. I got this one from Trish. She shared a template of her "photo holder" and it was PERFECT for all the hundreds of Disney photos I have during 1990 and 1991. There are 9 photos inside the holder, including the one with Tigger and Megan. I'll definitely be making more of these photo holders, hopefully on more inspired pages!

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  1. LOVE that photo holder...this will come in handy for the 100's of pictures of Tyler's 2nd birthday! LOL