Oh bother!

Look, I don't hate birthdays, just for the sake of turning a year older. I truly don't care about it. You know what bothers me about birthdays? The fact that people feel like they HAVE to do things for you. Some people do things for me and I feel just fine about it. Jaynie got me some really cool scrappy stuff! :-) Of course, I LOVE it all and I'll use it, but do you know why it doesn't bother me? She did it because she truly wanted to. Had fun shopping and everything. I LOVE that. It's sincere. Glen is cooking for me. Because cooking is his passion. :-) My girls made me hand made cards. I love checking on all my scrappy boards and having all my buddies say "have a great day!" And you know what? I DID! My best gift of all today? My 16 year old son made and performed a song for me. If you knew how many days I FUSS at him for playing his guitar, hooked up to his amplifier... All of my friends and family have made me SO happy today! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. How old, you ask? Why, I'm 29, of COURSE! ;-)


  1. GREAT pictures Suzanne!!! I am so glad that you had a good birthday :hugs:

  2. How cool is that! Go Ethan! So glad you had a great day Suz - you more than deserve it!!

  3. Waiting for an update - get blogging girl! ;)