John's Cafe and Cemetary

I'm back from the retreat and I wish I could say that I'm feeling rejuvenated and such. These women

= CaRAZY fun!

Okay, you're probably wanting to know the story on the blog title, right? So, Anne and I are driving, following Lady Garmin's directions precisely. We're on this windy country road (picture: Deliverance) and we pass a sign that says John's Cafe and Cemetary. We were AFRAID! How creepy IS that! Well, long story short, what the sign REALLY said was John's Cafe and CATERING. We were relieved, yes. LOL

I made a new friend.

His name is Canusayluis. Alright, in the end, we finally figured out his name is Luis, but it took us a long time to figure that out. I think he really liked me, he kept trying to give me his phone number, even after I told him that I was too old for him and lived in Alabama. It was a very confusing conversation. LOL

I did manage to start working on my album that my friend Amy sent me. I don't know WHAT I was thinking! I totally thought that it would be an easy to do project that I could complete over the retreat weekend. Ummm, that would be a big, fat NO! Apparently, I don't follow directions very well, and my retreat mates kept yelling at me between howls of laughter when I f'ed up sheets of paper trying to size to the album. Oh well, I like the album so far anyway, I got three whole pages done. LOL

I'll keep working on it Amy! I might be finished with it by the end of 2011!

What else... OH, so it was REALLY.COLD. Who didn't bring a jacket? Moi. So I decided I'd like to get a sweatshirt that said Spartanburg on it as a souvenir. We already knew that turning right from the retreat leads to John's Cafe and Cemetary, so instead of turning right, Suzanna and I decided to turn left. Well! There's a whole cute little community called Converse, complete with quaint college and "I" thought it would be fun to find a sweatshirt that said Converse and have a pic taken with my Converse sweatshirt and shoes. Suzanna thought that was the stupidest idea ever. They also have COWS in Converse. I was very excited to get a closeup photo but wanted to make sure cows didn't bite first. Turns out, it didn't matter since the cows were enclosed in an electrified fence. :-( Anyhow, that got me telling the story about the roosters that I was so enthralled with during my August retreat, and these girls I was with this weekend are apparently experts on the whole rooster/hen thing. I still don't get it. Anyhoo...

I did break my spending freeze resolution by stopping at Archivers both on the way and back from the retreat. These were my needs:

I did find out an interesting tidbit of information that save me some money. The WRMK Sew Easy has been on my want list since I've heard about it early last year. I asked for a demo and I have to say, not diggin' it! So I bought some Bazzil templates instead. :-)

Thanks, my scrappy friends, for the laughter and the memories! :-)


  1. Okay. Jealous. Of lots of things. Not the LEAST of which is that I see MODERN HOMEMAKER in that stash of "on the way there and on the way back!"

    You and Luis make a cute couple:)-

  2. You know, going back and looking CLOSELY at that stash...you may not need to shop again for TWO years! GREEN with J!!!

  3. Love the new Man there, Suzanne! ;) You two will be great together! lol

    Great work on that album!!!! YAY YOU!!!! You can do it! I know you can! I'm betting that it will finish up in May. :D

  4. Wow! you had a great time!! And I'm not only saying that because of the giagantic Margarita next to you on the picture of you and Luis!!

  5. OMG!! Loving that album..was that a kit? LOL You might have said so, but I was giggling too much to comprehend what I read and NO cows don't bite.. LOL. Too many margaritas and you may have been doing some "cow tipping" and yes there is such a thing.

  6. Lolis totally made me go back up and checkout your margarita! lol

    Love those pages in your mini though I'm still confused...#1 & 3 look almost like the same page :-\

    Glad you had a fun weekend :)

  7. I just awarded you the Stylish Blog Award! Check out my blog and get the details.

  8. You are too funny!! We'll have to say hi to Luis next time we're there!

  9. Haha! You crack me up! Glad you had a fun time! you can come visit me! We have tons of cows around and I'm sure we could get up up close and personal with some! ;-)