Happy February!

Iyiyi! WHY do I do this to myself! More stitching, see all the calendar squares? LOL And just in case any of my family members are creeping, KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF MY CALENDAR! Sure, it's hanging on the fridge and you should feel free to LOOK at it, but step away from the pen.

January flew by. I finally relinquished all DT responsibilities and can now devote all of my time to the things I want to do. Feels great! When I sit at my table, I don't have to torment over what's due, or which products have to be used, or using creative brain cells on coming up with challenges. I can just CREATE. I like it! And if some of you have noticed me missing from various forums, it's true. I've made a conscious effort to devote my online time to my true love, Kitchen Keepsake. It's a drama free zone, gotta love that!

I am a bit in a photograpy funk though. Other than layouts, I think the last photo I took was on New Years Day. Just not much going on I guess, or maybe I need a new camera to inspire me. Loved my Nikon D80, but I gave it to Caitlyn as I just wasn't using it to it's full potential. Any suggestions on a small photy-box that takes great pics?

This photo was cropped harshly by Walgreens, but I used it anyway. Peyton was so cute, she wanted to celebrate the new year like a birthday, so she dug out two mismatched "1" birthday candles and lit them. It's times like these that remind me she is still just a kid. :-)

Yes, I don't know what I was thinking to do that many border punches and glue them down. It didn't turn out quite like I was envisioning in my head. LOL

Like my title on this one? :-D

I crack myself up! Only "I" would think to take a photo of backsides. LOL

I'm preparing to go to a retreat, so hopefully I will actually get some scrapping done and have something to share with y'all next week. Thanks for stopping by and have a very scrappy week!


  1. LOVE your Feb. calendar page! Fantastic job on the stitching...looks really cool! Your other layouts are great too! lol...about the backsides! Have a blast at your retreat!

  2. Love your calendar page....the stitching is great! And I also love that bottom LO (LOL, I made a funny!)....love the squares & how it kind of looks like a quilt!

  3. Ha ha, what fun layouts! You crack me up! Have fun creating and have a great retreat!

  4. I think that might be my fav calendar page! Looks great!!!! The other Los are great, too. Enjoy your scrappy time!

  5. I dont blame you for using that pic anyways she is so stinkin cute! Love your pages - the calendar is awesome! Miss hangin out with you friend!

  6. Im happy that you are free to create for yorself! I liberated myself from somewhere I was unhappy this week and it is like a weight off my shoulders! :) Your calendar is fab-Im loving your stitching! Both layouts are wonderful too, great title on the behinds!