Yay me!!!

I'm very very EXTREMELY, MONDO, UBER excited to share that I will be serving a second term on the Creative Cookbooking team! Thanks to Debbie and the entire inaugural team for making it such a fun community, and I'm looking really forward to working with the very talented new chefs Marti, Karen and Alecia! Congrats to all!

Now here is where I WAS going to share some new creations. However, I have a new laptop and guess what I don't have? PHOTOS! I will fix that problem this week and be back in a jiffy with schtuff. LOL

Oh, and for those curious, I never heard a peep back from Taco Bell. Shrug.

Have a great week! :-)


  1. Congrats girlie! On the dt and the new laptop!

  2. congratulations!! yay for a new laptop too!

  3. CONGRATS Suzanne!!! Looking forward to another term with you~~~

  4. Suzanne, your energy is contagious!! Love having you on the team!!

  5. Can't wait to see pics of schtuf. :) YAY on the second term of Creative Cookbooking!!!