Happy Weekend!

I don't know about where you are, but here in Bamaland, we've got a gorgeous weekend on tap! YAY! Gotta love 60's and sunshine!

I did create a couple of layouts yesterday (being Scrap Friday and all) but I will share those with y'all later, as I did them for a new sketch site. Stacey is a super talented sketcher, so if you like sketches, you'll love her site! And right now, she's got a fun giveaway going on, so check her out!

Coming soon to a layout near you... sweet Kennedy.

Lest you think it's her birthday, it's NOT. But whenever she comes to our house (and that's often!) it's HER birthday, just ask her. LOL Last weekend, she and her dad came over for dinner and it happened to be HIS birthday. She was very excited and said it was HER birthday. I asked her how old she was and she answered like I was all stupid or sumthin'... "Eight, silly!" So I dragged out the number 8 candle that I keep handy for all of her birthdays this year, stuck it on her dads cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Miss Kennedy, for the 10th time this year. :-D

Have a great weekend and I swear, I'll have layouts to share soon! :-)


  1. How cute she is and no fair it's snowing here!!!BRRR!

  2. That is adorable! Off to check out the new site-