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So, you just KNOW that my holidays couldn't go off without a hitch, right? Remember in a previous post I told you about how I waited until the last minute to realize I didn't have enough candles for all 8 nights, and how a Publix employee went over and beyond to help me find some? Well, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is what happens when you buy Chanukah candles made in China. LOL

And speaking of Publix, I got a call today from the store manager where I shop. She thanked me for thanking them. This is where it got awkward... I thanked her for thanking me for thanking them. LOL Apparently, Publix gives a "celebration" for employees who get positive feedback from the website. I was really happy to hear that! If I were ever in the market for a job outside of the home, I wanna work there, cuz I LOVE celebrations! :-D

This layout is based on an ad challenge from Cookin' Up Creations. I flipped it a bit to make it work for me. :-)

And for the lazy scrapper... I had so many pretty fall photos and didn't want several pages, so I just slapped them on a piece of white cardstock and used a rub on title from the Scrap for a Cure November kit. There! Done! LOL

I've done three more pages as well, and I can't wait to show you! If I do say so myself, it's some of my best work! Don't you love it when layouts come out JUST the way you envision them in your head? But I can't show you just yet, sorry. ;-)

And while I've got your eyes, I'd like to show off a recent accomplishment! As you all know, as evidenced by my recent blog loss, I'm about the least skilled computer techie ever. LOL Debbie, the owner of Creative Cookbooking had total confidence in me and asked for my help redesigning the site and I have to say! I LOVE IT! Please click on the little chef dude (over there -----> ) to see it. I hope you'll come over to play with us! The challenges will be expanded to include things other than recipes, and we have several exciting things planned in the next couple of months. :-)

I hope y'all are having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Congrats girlie! That "Made in China" LO is hilarious! Love it! Happy New Year!

  2. LOL, that poor little candle, pardon the pun;)
    Loving the new look over at Creative Cookbooking Suzanne!!!

    Awesome layouts too:))))

  3. Too darn funny about the 'made in China'. lol....Love your other layout too! Thats pretty cool about Publix!

  4. hi Suzanne, i've enjoyed visiting your blog. thanks for the inspiration! =]


  5. Gorgeous stuff as usual, with the Suzanne sense of humor to top it off. Just perfect! :) Love it all.

  6. Love it! I love the Made in China! I was pissed at Publix yesterday.. never am.. but I sure was last night...

  7. you are one funny lady!! Made in China...HA