Today the first freestyle challenge is posted on Scrapperie! Here is the layout I did for the first challenge. I think that no further explanation is needed, other than to say this is a layout for my Book of Me. I really felt the need to vent the day I created this and I must say, I was amused with it. :-D Love the man dearly, BUT... when you live with an 85 year old man, you lead an 85 year old life.

As a result, I've been a little grumpy myself. So I made myself a visual reminder based on a song by Jimmy Buffett, "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On." I will be putting this in a shadowbox and hanging it in my room.

I hope y'all are having a very scrappy weekend! :-)


  1. Oh Suzanne!!!! That first page is absolutely priceless!!!! I love the style, the journaling, the photo from the back a tad blurry and most of all the way you did your title! Awesome job!

  2. Way cool layouts Suzanne! Kudos to you...I look at both my Grandpas and what we've gone through with them. I've already warned my parents that it will NOT be that way with us! Yep, they are going to an old folks home near us! So kudos to you, you are an incredible woman for what you do!

  3. your titles are awesome on these!
    love the viewpoint of the grandpa photo, so artistic and telling. Awesome!

  4. love your layouts Suzanne- Breathe in and out... I think we all need that reminder sometimes

  5. Great LOs for your BOM! You sure do have a lot of patience--Kudos to you!