Scrap Friday creations

These are the first photos of the new year that I've scrapped. Interesting that they're all about furry animals, as opposed to the other kind that live in my house. LOL I'm still trying to figure out the new camera, so bear with my blurry photos. :-/

For the Birds

I really hate this layout, but after staring at it all week, I slapped it in my scrapbook and called it done. But the photos of Lickety Split crack me up! Can you see how annoyed she was? She just layed there while I kept piling on rocks and leaves and a lighter and other stuff on top of her. :-D

Piss off a cat

And this was for a stash challenge. The ribbon was from a kit I got a few months ago, the transparency is one that Colleen sent me for my birthday last year and I even used old CM card stock. I used REALLY OLD foam stamps to paint the little circles on, and umm, an old Page Maps sketch from last year some time. The only thing new is the font that I downloaded from the Internet, the paper that Terri sent me last month and that little pin sticking in the ribbon.

Winter Blues

Thanks for looking and I hope y'all have a very scrappy week! :-)


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  2. You are so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! Your poor kitty!!! ROFLMAO!!

    FAB creations, my friend!!!!

    I really wanna know how you "ruffled" that ribbon!! PLEASE!!!!