What's my style?

Carrie on ScrapDango challenged us "Has your style evolved over time? Are you a trend-setter? Do you follow the pack? Conservative? Wild? Do you love bling? Are you more practical? Write about your style with regards to fashion, your home, your art, or all three."

I guess you could call my style eclectic. I tend to decorate and scrap the same way... using whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I don't mind trying new things, but I'm practical overall, and comfort is the top priority. A couple of months ago, I posted a photo of a piece of art that hangs in our living room: a painting done by an elephant. Other than the fact it was painted by an elephant and hangs in a room decorated primarily safari style, it doesn't "go" with the rest of the decor. But I love it because its unique, so hang it does. :-)

I've always tended to decorate in themes. When I was a young adult, everything in my first apartment was wicker. Wicker everything! I even had a wicker hanging basket chair. LOL When dh and I got married, we went with a southwest motif and even made a trip to New Mexico to buy blankets, art, etc. Our coolest piece was a Navaho prayer wheel (mandala), which we later found out was used for fertility purposes. Yep, it worked. LOL

I feel sure that when people come into our home, it makes their heads want to explode. Shoot! It makes MY head want to explode sometimes! LOL But Martha Stewart I'm not. There are lots of colors and a mish mash of different types of furniture, but its comfortable for my family and mostly clean and tidy and that is the most important thing. :-)


  1. Now that surprises me, I would have figured you for the Martha Stewart type

  2. Good for you! We have some things in common!
    Carrie, Scrapdango

  3. Loved reading this Suzanne - it's pretty much what I would have expected!! I think your home sounds, fun, warm & charming - a place where everyone who enters immediately feels comfortable & loved!