I hate surprises! No, wait! I love surprises! No, wait! "I" hate surprises. But I LOVE to surprise other people! I'm sure this says something about me... LOL

The biggest surprise I ever pulled off was during a crop that I was hosting. The crop previous to the one I hosted, I had had a "Flat Shirley" made. She sent me a photo, which I had enlarged to poster size and then I cut it out and mounted the silhouette onto a cardboard. We toted Flat Shirley around with us EVERYwhere and yes, people thought we were crazy. She rode a train with us and had her "hand" stamped, went to the restaurant with us and watched over us while we cropped. She even posed for the group shot with us! Fast forward to the following year and it was time to bring out Flat Shirley. I placed Flat Shirley at the door to greet people as they arrived. As they came in, they laughed, as some of them remembered Flat Shirley from the previous crop. But THIS time, guess what! I flew the real Shirley in from NJ, so she was there to greet the croppers as well! It was hilarious to see the double takes, as the real Shirley stood next to the Flat Shirley! Here are a few of the pics from that time. SO FUN!!!

This is the Shirleys, greeting the croppers. :-)

Yes, this is the real Shirley, hanging out of my sunroof, flashing passersby. She is a NUT!

Flat Shirley wanted to wear a Walmart vest when we made a pit stop. LOL

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  1. That is just the BESTEST story!!!!!!! You are just too kewl fer skewl!!!!!