The only thing worse than having kids old enough to trick or treat is having kids who are too old to trick or treat but then insist on trick or treating at the last minute. Hmphf. (Have I mentioned how much I detest Halloween?) My girls dug out dance costumes from last year. Caitlyn was a fairy (duh!) and Peyton was Betty Rubble. (LOL)

Oh well, who am I to say no, especially if it means a layout in the making! :-) Happy Halloween!


  1. I can see the Betty Rubble - very cute. Its probably their last year so enjoy it while it lasts. I detest Halloween too by the way.

  2. I love Halloween because you get to dress up and be anything you want to be. One day you will grandkids dressing up so you better get used to it. :))))

    Your girls look lovely.