Prima storage

Yesterday was my first trip to World Market. Wow! How come I didn't know about this place? Anyway, I was with a group of homeschool moms that I either had never met or hadn't seen in awhile.

So, we're walking around and in the BBQ section, I come across these cute little stainless containers (meant for the grill, I guess?). They had clear lids and magnets on the bottom. IMMEDIATELY, I told Peyton, "go get me one of those cookie sheets." I start plastering the cookie sheet with these containers. The ladies are all standing their with their mouths open and finally one said, "WHAT are you doing?" :-D

I came home and THIS is what I did with them!


  1. What a fabulous idea .. and so creative! I can't even imagine how you would use those containers for bbq'ing .. but it works for embellies or flowers like you did. Gorgy!

  2. Suzanne,
    you can also get those containers at Michael's in the wedding section. Last I looked they even had heart shaped ones. I think they woud need to have the magnet added to the bottom though...
    beautiful altered project !

  3. Great project Suz! Very clever. I love it!

  4. love this idea!

  5. what a great idea!!
    i also couldn't see how
    they would use that for bbq'ing??
    like your use for better;)

  6. This is just the best storage idea I've seen in a LONG, long time. You've got such a creative eye for using something in a "different" way.