I'm a winner!

Yep, Robin even said so! So, do you remember awhile back when I posted about my scrappy friends and how great they are and what a wonderful online community there is? Once again, I'm proved right! (Gosh, I just LOVE it when I'm right! LOL) And not just because Robin sent me this wonderful RAK, but because of the newest post on her blog. I'm telling you, it gives me chill bumps! Hugs to you Robin! Okay, onto the goods! WOW! Can you believe this? When she said she was going to draw a name and send a RAK JUST for reading her blog, I figured a little something, thoughtful, sweet... but NO! She meant BUSINESS! Look at this! I was totally blown away by her generosity, rewarding me just for being nosy! LOL Love you Robin, and all my scrappy friends. I feel truly blessed! :-)


  1. Suzanne,
    So glad that you liked your RAK. Thank you for the kind words...it really does a body good!

  2. Wow, she wasn't fooling around was she? Hey Suz....Nice RAK! ;)

  3. Cool stuff!!! What a sweet thing to do. (Both of you. :wink:)