Photos make the layout

But you probably didn't need ME to tell you that. A friend of mine pointed me to the "sports" setting on my camera and WOWWIE! What a difference in action shots! I got these cool photos of Ethan "floating" in the air. It also gave me an excuse to use my new Cosmo Cricket lacing card and some paint! :-)

I won't get much of anything done for the next couple of weeks. We've got extra dance practices, a rehearsal and the recital on Saturday. But before that, Megan is coming home on Thursday for a couple of weeks. The Saturday after the recital, a friend of mine is coming into town for a long weekend. So if I go missing in action, you'll know why. It's all good! :-)


  1. Sports mode...do you mean where it takes the shot every couple of seconds? Mine is called burst. Anyway, I think I might be your chubby twin. We smoke, we scrap, we both have backyard pools. That's close enough for me! LOLOL I cannot believe your kids are swimming already tho, ours is still too cold. Happy Mother's Day, twin! xoxo

  2. awesome layout!

  3. I just love the colors you used on this one! Great action shots, too!