Last One In is SMART!

For those of you who've been reading me for awhile, you know that I love to use humor on my pages.  It helps me keep my sanity with four children!  LOL

Each year, we have a "First One in the Pool" contest.  Peyton has won it for the last several years, but Ethan, being not entirely bright, decided HE would be the first one in the pool in 2013.  So, he sneaks off to borrow one of Glen's swimsuits and made a mad dash out the bedroom door and into the pool.  Of course, the water temp was in the 50's so he jump right out, gloating about his bragging rights.  EXCEPT he forgot one of the rules, I have to get a photo of the event to scrap before he could claim the title, so he begrudgingly slid back in to the pool. 

I'll bet he isn't so quick next year to be the "First One in the Pool!" 

I'll be back soon with the April calendar.  APRIL!!!  Can you believe it!

Happy Easter!

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