Happy April!

No joke, it is!

See those poofy clouds at the top? I'm very amused with them. I dusted off my big red Sizzix machine and punched a couple of clouds from a Christmas card that I had received a few years ago. It was in the shape of a polar bear and wearing a white coat of fuzz and a red scarf. I most definitely didn't have this in mind when I saved it, but I like them! :-D

New techniques have been inspiring me lately. On this next layout, see the green flower? I made it using mulberry paper by wetting a Q-Tip, making circles of various sizes and tearing them, being careful to leave the edges frayed. Important note: They must be fastened with a brad, gluing the circles didn't work. :-P And see that pretty little white crocheted flower? Amy surprised me with a few of these and now the hoarding begins! LOL I will use them sparingly, as I am not as talented as she to replace these in my stash. Thanks Amy!

Lets see, what else... OH, here's one that isn't quite finished. Still needs the journaling, but this cat CRACKS.ME.UP. She's an indoor/outdoor cat, but apparently she prefers stalking squirrels from INSIDE the house. Thanks to my friend Stace for helping with the title. I'd link her up, but she hasn't updated her blog since last year. LOL

Cutting that "frond" was a pain in my patooty, but the flower is something I will try again using double sided paper next time. You can see the technique on the Fiskars site.

There's a new challenge up at Kitchen Keepsake! I LOVE DT member Laura's sense of humor. Lest you thought all things cooking were serious... Come over and check out her April Fools challenge! :-D

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, happy crafting! :-)


  1. Having a cat myself I love the LO! Made me laugh :-) The flower turned out great - I have to say that I like your flower even better than the one on the tutorial!
    How did you create the frond? Very cool!

  2. I can't believe how fast March went! Great layouts Suzanne!

  3. Oh cute stuff girlie - especially the at lo!!! LOL! I love the clouds! Going green huh? Have a great weekend!

  4. In my best Bob Ross voice..."And you put a HaPPy little cloud here and there..." :D

    Love it!!

  5. Love your layouts!! Caitlyn is such a great child! she let you take the pictures of her at work and you, such a great mom, keeping little mementos like the receipt! I love it!!

  6. You cut that frond out? I bow to your scissor prowess, my friend-I would have cut a finger off. ;) Love that flower-thanks for the tip about using a brad! And those furry clouds? Love them.

  7. Going green with your April LO for Earth Day, love it! I love, love, love crochet flowers too. Asked MIL to make me some but they were WAY too big :-\ I've bought mine off of Etsy before :) Mulberry? Hmmm, I had a stash 10 years ago and never thought to use it for flowers - great idea! Next up to try is the fiskars flower idea, I have TWO scallop square punches ready to go ;)