Ice Day creation

Hi girlies, just wanted to share a few things I've been working on. Our big "snow" event was actually an ice event, so no fun photo ops. And with a long weekend, you know what that means. Very little time in my scrap room. :-(

But I did get a few minutes so I decided to do this fun tutorial from my friend Suzanna. She said to cut a card stock circle and sew some fabric in a pleated circle. Hows THIS for an Ice Day project? Flowers! LOL

I also put the finishing touches on this shadowbox. It started off as a layout, and then I like it so I put it in a shadowbox, and then it needed more dimension, so, well, now I guess I have a Valentines Day gift for the hubs, even though we don't really DO Valentines Day. LOL

Hope all of you are finding some scrappy moments. I'll be back soon with all the creations made for the Kitchen Keepsake crop, which starts on Friday. Hope you'll join me and the rest of the girls for the fun. :-)


  1. Loving the shadow box & that flower is totally adorable!

  2. Love how you made a heart out of strips of paper! LOVE the flower too!

  3. Awww, the shadow box is a great idea! I totally didn't see the heart till I read Kayla's comment :-\ Must get more caffeine ;)

  4. I LOVE love love that shadow box!! I hope Glenn hasn't seen it so it's a surprise! Hee, I didn't notice the heart shape either!!

  5. oh, great shadow box! and i love the flower!