You might have noticed I've not been around much. I've paired down my message board reading and unfortunately that creates havoc with my mojo since I thrive on challenges.

Other things that have created havoc with my mojo:

Over the holidays, I learned that I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time. This isn't a good thing. The baby's parents are idiots. I already feel bad for the baby, whose arrival date is supposedly in August. We'll see, I'm thinking more like July. Anyway, if it's a boy, his name will be Oliver Xander, which isn't a bad name, but they plan on calling him OX for short. They think it's funny. :-(

I was contacted late last year by my sister, whom I haven't talked to in 21 years. This isn't a good thing. Long story, lots of drama, suffice it to say, there's a reason we hadn't talked in 21 years. Only a few people know about the dysfunctionality of my family, so for those of you who do, you know that this is not a happy reunion. We've been exchanging emails sporadically, but it's awkward.

Most of you know my father in law lives with us and has for 10 years. He's almost 86 years old now. He has been given a clean bill of health after his latest procedure (well, as clean as the bill can be for someone who has heart disease, prostate cancer and a AAA) and I've been working towards one of his other 5 children to come get him for awhile. This has been a major project this year, as it has entailed MANY doctors visits, scans, tests, surgery and recovery. I love the man as much as any girl could love a father, but I'm tired, and I need a break. I'm tired of feeling like I'm 85 years old and am giddy with the thought of a glimpse of what a 47 year old life looks like. Not just a day here, or an hour there, but LIFE. So, next weekend, one of his other sons is coming to pick him up and take him to HIS home for a visit. It will be an extended visit, two weeks with the son, and then to his daughters house for two weeks. This is a very GOOD thing. :-)


I want to thank you all for being faithful readers and more importantly, FRIENDS. I've been keeping up with all of your goings on through your blogs, and think about you all often. I'm grateful for my "old" friends that still keep up with me also. I love you all and hope to be back to my normal self (such as it was! LOL) in short order. :-)


  1. You will make a wonderful grandma. A perfect grandma. :-)

    Thoughts & prayers are with all of you . . .

  2. You've got so much going on... Sending best wishes and positive vibes, know it's all going to work out...
    hang in there!!

  3. Suzanne, I am sooooooo very glad that you will be getting a much deserved break from FIL duty. My grandfather lived with us for ten years before he had to enter a nursing home and my mom said it almost destroyed their marriage (it was her father). You are a saint for taking it on in such stride.

    A grandma? Gulp.

  4. Glad things are starting to look up for you. I hope spring brings you lots of sunshine and happy moments :) Looking forward to seeing more of the "old" Suzanne and her creations.

  5. I agree with Kristie! Your a saint! I don't think I could do it! As for the baby on they way, maybe it will help the kids grow up, maybe it will turn a light on for them. Hang in there chica! I'm here for ya...you can vent away to me anytime you need too!

  6. This is why I love Spring...new adventures! Enjoy your time away from the FIL :)

  7. I am so glad you are takng a break girl! I hope you are doing some "me time" before pops comes back! I hear ya about dysfuntional families I'll be praying for that and baby on the way. I will be praying that these parents step up! Hang in there and enjoy your well deserved rest girl! ((hugs))

  8. Lots of hugs! Hope you get your peace again.. and well.. congrats on the grandbaby regardless of the situation.. hopefully that will help the parents also.. so due date right after me.. or about same time huh? I'm due July 39th...

  9. Wow girly!!!! You have had lots going on. Maybe we can go shopping for grannie clothes together :)

  10. oh, it has been a crazy 2010 for you. you will be an awesome grandma!!! :)

  11. glad you will get a break soon! I'm sure it is very hard-
    you will be a great Grandma! and you will be happy with that little bundle when it arrives :) HUGS!!

  12. So happy that you will be given your much deserved break! Hope it's filled with fun, relaxation and some fresh air! Hugs!

  13. 2010 has been a rough year for many I know, including me. Hoping yours gets better soon. I'm glad you will be getting a well deserved break. Enjoy!