Mojo? Where have you gone? Come BACK!

Sometimes, I can scraplift a fabulous layout, just like I did here, and my mojo magically appears. Unfortunately, it still seems to be missing. :-(

Anyway, I lifted this from a layout done by my friend Holly. At least I got one cool page done last week! Thanks for the inspiration, girlie! :-)


  1. i am loving this layout...hope your mojo comes back soon....and if it does...send mine home too.
    Hope you are safe and aren't in the path of Gustav...
    Miss you

  2. I love this layout, I think I saw you mojo when it stole mine.

  3. that is such a pretty page!

    er, i think your mojo may be staying with me for a few more days.... hang in there! i'm sure it'll be back soon!