Sweet Home Alabama

TOPIC: Places I never wanted to live

1. I'll never forget when we moved to South Florida.
2. I'll never forget when we moved to Pennsylvania.
3. I'll never forget when we moved to Alabama.

Oh yes, indeed, each one is a story. I'll write about the latter. Alabama. What does that conjure up in your mind? Yep, it did me too. :-D

To keep things in perspective, you have to remember that we moved from Pennsylvania to Alabama, so it was a move in the right direction. But Alabama? You've GOT to be kidding! When Glen started talking to a recruiter, he said the only places he didn't want to go were Alabama or Mississippi. Oh, the job is in Alabama, you say? Well, okay, we'll take a look. LOL

I remember the day we moved to Alabama like it was yesterday. It was one of the happiest days of my life. It was November 6th, 1993 and it was snowing as we left our home in Pennsylvania. We drove straight through to Birmingham, Alabama and it seemed like a heat wave when we arrived! (Although the locals thought I was crazy for wearing shorts! LOL) It was so beautiful. Flowers were blooming and our future looked bright once again. We lived at the Mountain Brook Inn for about a month, until we found and closed on our home in December and we've been here ever since. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians, there are gentle rolling hills and the seasons are moderate. We're only 4 hours to the Gulf of Mexico, so beach getaways are many. Love my sweet home Alabama! :-)


  1. So disappointed you didn't move to Michigan, we could have been able to get together all the time.

    But I am happy that you love your sweet home AL

  2. I did a list! I'm sure it's WAY too short!!! :) Good challenge Suzanne!

  3. oh those Mexico beach getaways sound perfect!