Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that all my scrappy friends had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and food. And I hope that y'all didn't get "malled" too badly! LOL Me? After the Gameboy craze a few years back, I vowed never to leave my house on Black Friday again! Most of our holiday shopping is done online and this year is no different. Save the one trip to (shhh...) the Verizon store, it's all done! Now I can relax a bit and enjoy. :-)

Speaking of enjoy, I do hope that all of my scrappy friends plan on joining me on Friday at Feeling Scrappy for the Jingle Bell Crop. I ALMOST wish I weren't on the Creative Team... there are some AMAZING prizes to be had! (see post below, plus more prizes have been added to the pot since then!)

And even my other team members don't know that I'm "donating" another prize. What's that? You wanna know what it is? Well, I'm going to show you! Tomorrow! LOL And I promise, if the prizes posted below don't entice you, this one will!!! Stay tuned...


  1. It is time to show us, tomorrow is here.

  2. LOL....black friday shopping?? ewww..u so won't catch me there....to many crowds for me...glad u had a successful outing