To all my scrappy friends

I've met so many wonderful people over the last couple of years from various scrappy message boards and I feel truly blessed to call them friends. Scrapping communities are amazing places of support and inspiration. Bonds are made and we find our scrappy online "homes." But I hate change and when I see major shifts in online scrapping communities, I tend to leave, writing quietly to my friends. Sadly, this has happened again on a board that I have frequented for a few years and instead of collecting everyone's email addresses and sending a collective "this is why I left," I thought I'd just post it here. So for anyone reading this and may be wondering "where'd you go?" I will tell you... Feeling Scrappy.

Feeling Scrappy is a fairly new, fairly small community of beautiful spirits! I have never been in another community where the caring is more sincere and the atmosphere more fun. So if you're reading and missing seeing me around, I'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to come visit my "home" and meet my friends! :-)


  1. Suzanne,
    I'm bowing to the Goddess of eloquent wording....Great job....beautifully said. I too have been bowing out of a couple of messageboards as the atmosphere has drastically changed.
    I'll be seeing you at "geeling Scrappy" so keep the porch light on!

  2. Morning, Suzanne...very well said!
    Thanks for the reminder to collect blog addys! I am happy to call you a friend! You're tagged!

  3. I wish I had a smiley face emoticon to use right now! This will have to do :)

  4. Hey Suz! You said it perfectly! And part of the reason FS is such a cool place is because of you!

  5. Sweet Suzanne,
    Beautifully said my dear.

    I am so enjoying the friendship and fun at Feeling Scrappy and hope to be there keeping you out of trouble for a long time.