I can't lie

2014 has been a rough year.  It seems like I say that every year, but this year for sure.  The last of our retirement savings went into the business to start domestic manufacturing of doors.  Glen had a heart attack during the Ice Storm of 2014 in January.  The closing of aforementioned company leading to Glen's new job search and subsequent move to Florida.  Megan's engagement in April and subsequent wedding in October.  Packing and leaving home (and children) in Alabama and unpacking to new home in Florida in October.  Saying goodbye to family and friends.  Sure, there were good things in 2014, but they were highly overshadowed by the bad.  Regrets?  Yes, I have them.  It makes me sad to see our children struggling both financially and emotionally, and our financial problems will spill over into 2015 and beyond.  There will be more challenges for me in 2015.  I will cross that bridge when I get to it.   For the few that actually still read this blog, none of this is new to you.  Thank you for your friendship!  For those that stumble upon and think "how depressing," my motto in the words of Jimmy Buffett remain firm... Breathe in, breathe out, move on. 

The one constant that will remain is my monthly calendars.  I have done them for years, and will continue doing them.  Here is my January calendar to kick off 2015.  They are much less marked on since the children aren't here to "help" me fill them up. 

Wishing you all a very happy new year filled with many blessings and much happiness.  


Zooming into November

Oh.my.gosh.  October has been a blur.  Let me see if I can put it in a nutshell for you...

1.  Packed home in Alabama and unpacked new home in Florida.
2.  Drove back to Alabama for daughters wedding.
3.  Baby shower for daughter in law in Alabama.
4.  I'm not even sure what else, but I've been busy.  LOL 

Since we went from a 7 bedroom to a 2 bedroom, I didn't bring a lot of our things.  But!  I told the movers EVERYTHING in the scrap room goes.  So, they packed a total of 62 boxes, 42 of which were from my scrap room.  If you don't think they were cussing me out...  LOL  Here is a photo of my Alabama scrap room being packed.

And this is my new scrap space.

Hopefully, November will be full of crafting time, just in time for the Kitchen's Holiday Pinterest Party!  It starts November 1st and goes through Christmas Eve, so there is plenty of time to get some gifts, cards and recipes made.  OH, also, there's a big box of scrappy stuff that will go to the crafter who completes the most projects!  Fun, right? 

See you in the Kitchen


Almost October!

My new calendar challenge in the Kitchen is to use 10 different items since October is the 10th month.  Here is my October calendar, all tidy for now!

In other news, I have been busier than hops with moving and the impending wedding.  If I make it through alive, I will be back at the end of October with a lengthy update and photos.  :)


Happy August!

So?  Whatcha think?  A little easier on the eyes?  :-)

The Kitchen Keepsake Summer Fun Blog Hop is over and winners have been chosen.  Be sure to check each blog to see if you won goodies! 

It's new challenge day on the forum and as usual, the team has knocked them out of the park!  The stash challenge is a real challenge, cardstock and stickers ONLY.  I used photos of my girls trying on my wedding dress from 27 years ago. 

My dress didn't fit any of them, so I'll be cutting it into pieces for each of them.  My oldest daughter is getting married October 18th, so I'm not sure what she'll do with her piece.  A veil maybe?  As she points out often, it's all about HER, so I'm sure she'll let me know.  {rolling eyes}
Stay tuned and happy scrapping! 



Summer Fun in the Kitchen Blog Hop!

Hoo, hoo (me blowing off the dust)   I can't believe it's been over a year since I've updated my blog.  Life comes at you fast!  I will update you in a later post (promise!), but you're probably more interested in hopping!

Welcome to the first Kitchen Keepsake Blog Hop!  I am your first stop!
We are super excited to share some wonderful inspiration with you. Be sure to grab your favorite drink and enjoy the hop.

Here is the complete list of talented design team members...

Suzanne-http://oscrappyday.blogspot.com  (YOU ARE HERE!)
Kitchen Keepsake-http://kitchenkeepsake.com (forum)

Some blogs will have a random give away so please leave a comment on each blog. 

For my faithful readers, you know that I have done calendar pages for years.  They help keep my crazy busy schedule straight!  Now we have calendar challenges in the Kitchen, on the 15th of each month.  July's challenge is to make an August calendar using some bright summery colors.  Here is my August calendar.  It's all clean and shiny right now, but by the end of August, not so much.  LOL

Some of our forum members use their calendars for menu planning.  Some for events and appointments.  Do you use "paper" calendars, or have you gone all techy and use your smart phones? 

You will have until July 31, 2014 at 12:00 midnight Eastern time to join us at the final destination, the Kitchen!  If you've already signed up there, you will notice that we've moved from Free Forums.  That means no yucky banner ads, just lots of inspiration and fun. 

But don't wait until the end of the month to join the forum or you will miss out on trying to catch the thief!  This is a fun game where members steal the prizes they want until time is called.  The last one with each prize is the winner.  Three small RAKs are up for grabs, maybe YOU will be the thief!  Here's where the fun is!  THIEF!

The winners will be posted on the blogs offering a give away so please check back on August 1st.

Also, see the Facebook button over there?  ---------->  Please like our page for news and inspiration in your newsfeed. 

Thank you all for joining us today and we hope you enjoy todays hop. Your next stop is Carmen, enjoy! 

Happy scrapping!